A few audio snippets from projects I've worked on.


From Canadian Juno-award winning artist, Greg Sczebel.  A good example of how 'remote sessions' can work great!  My first session for Greg and producer Adrian Bradford.  Bass recorded at my home studio & uploaded to the session coordinated in Los Angeles.  Be sure to check out Greg's work, he's an amazingly talented guy! http://www.gregsczebel.com/#/landing

"A Little More Time With You", Christmas Single


A couple of tracks from the album 'The Ship and the Sea' by The Autumn Film.  The Autumn Film is an incredibly talented young band from Denver, CO with great songs and a unique sound.  They let me play what I felt & I think we came up with great parts and tones that complemented the songs appropriately. The amazing Jason Lehning produced and engineered this great sounding album. http://theautumnfilm.com/

"Roll Over Me" from 'The Ship And The Sea'

"Dont Go Away" from 'The Ship And The Sea'


Nashville based singer-songwriter, Shelly Fraley, has been demonstrating how good songs can lead to amazing song placements without any label or "industry" support!  Shelly's original recordings have been featured on shows such as One Tree Hill, Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars and Ghost Whisperer. Produced by my good friend, Mark Nash. http://www.shellyfraley.com/

"Sway" from 'Into The Sun'

"Come On, Let Go" from 'Into The Sun'


Eric Stephen is a budding songwriter currently recording and writing with many of Nashville's finest writers and producers.  Eric is also successfully finding song placement opportunities in the 'new' music industry! Another fine example of independent artistry. Here are a few snippets. http://www.facebook.com/estephensongs

 "Caroline" Single produced by Derri Daugherty

"Parade" produced by Mark Nash

"Wildflower" produced by Mark Nash


There's a lot of stuff I'm proud of from Sixpence None The Richer.  I tried to pick just a few things that demonstrate a little dynamic range, as well as some of my favorite moments from our recordings.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sixpence-None-The-Richer/53206870173?v=wall

One of my very first sessions with Sixpence (actually the very first) yielded a song that you may just have heard already!

"There She Goes" produced by Steve Taylor from the platinum-selling self-titled record.

"Tonight" was a fun track from 'Divine Discontent' that was one of the first that my buddy Rob Mitchell played drums on. Produced by Paul Fox.

"Paralyzed" was a unique 6p song that got a little more aggressive than usual. A spontaneous breakdown in the studio yielded this moment.  From 'Divine Discontent'.

"Melody Of You" may well be my favorite 6p song. It illustrates how the musicians just need to stay out of the way of a great song.  If I never recorded another song again, I'm satisfied to have played on this one. Also off of 'Divine Discontent'.

Jay Joyce produced this next one. Recorded for 'The Village', a tribute album paying homage to the Greenwich Village folk music of the '60's, this cover took a unique turn. Jay Joyce is a brilliant amalgam of mad scientist and plaintive artist. Working with him was all about the music from the first minute in his studio. This song has been covered a hundred times, but I think 6p finally wrestled something new and exciting from it!  "Wayfaring Stranger" from 'The Village'. The deep, deep bass tone is courtesy of my rubber-stringed Ashbory bass (read more about the Ashbory in my 'Gear' section above).

Steve Hindalong produced a Christmas record for 6p back in 2009. Steve is another gifted producer that is absolutely focused on the music. Steve has been a musical hero of mine from my teenage years & I'm proud to have worked with him on many occasions. Matt Slocum & I shared bass duties on this fun track that gave me room for some ferocious bass fuzz! "Carol Of The Bells" from 'The Dawn Of Grace'.









All clips used by permission.